Are you interested in joining our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Here are the Next Steps to Take:

Step 1

Find out a little more about this course.

Step 2

Book a personal Zoom or WhatsApp call with Nina to discuss the course and to find out if this is the right training for you. Take the opportunity to have Nina listen deeply to that which you desire and to answer any of your questions. It is a free 20 minute chat, schedule now.

Step 3

Complete the registration form so that we have a little more information about you. Take 8 minutes once you’ve booked your chat with Nina to complete this registration form. It will help us understand you and your needs better before your personal call.

Step 4

Download the Info Pack, this way you’ll have all the information about the course together in one place.

Step 5

Purchase the 4-part Exploration of Integral Hatha Yoga Course with Jennifer Stephens to ensure that our style is 100% what you’d like to study. You can purchase them immediately via the links below. Or you can purchase directly through us. The cost of this course gets deducted from the overall course fee once you’ve sign up and committed to studying with us. You will need to complete all 4 parts before joining the course.

Step 6

Get to your mat and start implementing the practices. It’s not just about the physical body, but the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves as well. Enjoy this free Yoga class with Nina to help get you prepared.

Why join this course?

There are a number of Yoga Teacher Training Courses around. Why would you want to join this one? Here are our top reasons.

1. It’s a part time course

2. It’s done over a full year.

3. A full year allows for transformation and for the lessons taught to be learned, implemented and to become apart of your practice and life.

4. You have support of 4 fantastic and varied facilitators throughout the full year to support and guide you along your journey. To find out more about each trainer click here.

5. We practice inclusivity. No one is excluded from participating in this course. If you have a deep desire, passion and dream to teach Yoga, then we will assist you on your path. No matter your sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, physical ability or background we will support you if you are a good fit for the course.

6. We are serious about your growth and evolution. We take you and your yoga journey serious, we take the course seriously and we require full commitment from you, this allows us to be fully commitmented from our side.

7. Our groups are small and personalised. Allowing for personal attention and support.

8. The course is 70% online and 30% in person allowing you to participant from anywhere in the world, to travel, to be remote. We have certain in-person session that do need to be attended. These dates are decided as a group throughout the year.

9. After completing and passing your training we support you in starting your teaching journey.

10. You meet new, fantastic, like-minded individuals on this course who become life-long friends. The community and support within the community we have formed over the years is beautiful witness. You’ll want to be part of it!

Where to start?

Step 1 – Book a Call with Nina.