Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training for 2021 starts in August  2021.

The Academy of Yoga & Ayurveda has been offering Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses since 2014. Our core teachers Pramilla Vassen, Jennifer Stephens, Rene Lambert and Nina Saacks will be guiding you through the whole process to ensure you have a smooth and transformative journey.


In this Yoga Teacher Training Course you will learn the fundamentals of Yoga Teaching, as well as being introduced to deeper concepts of body awareness, movement, philosophy and the subtle energies and practices of chakras and pranayama.

This is an in depth, thorough and intense part-time course for serious students and can be completed over a 1 or 2 year period depending on time commitments.

Each completed module and workshop is transferred into credits, once all modules and workshops have been attended and passed, credits are updated to your profile. This method allows current teachers from other schools to join certain modules they would like to explore in more detail as well as allowing passionate students (who do not intend on teaching) to join modules to deepen their understanding of their own personal yoga practice.

We look forward to welcoming you to the AYA team!