Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

Join Andrea White on this Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course.

If you have completed your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course and are interested in taking your studies further into pre and post-natal care then we highly recommend this training course with Andrea White. 

*** New dates for 2021***

This course aims to empower students to teach classes that are:

  • Practical, safe, holistic, grounded, empowering, graceful, energising, uplifting, informative, non-judgemental and supportive and nurturing.
  • To provide a safe holistic and appropriate application of yoga practices in pregnancy and postnatal.
  • Understand yoga philosophy, traditional yoga teachings and cultural views in context of pregnancy, birth and postnatal. Re-evaluating these approaches if needed to ensure physical, energetic and spiritual awareness both mother and baby.
  • To empower students to draw on their own knowledge of yoga, understand their own authentic voice and style in teaching pre and postnatal yoga, to ensure that they always teach from a place of truth, love and compassion.   

On completing this course you will be able to:

  • Have the confidence, tools and skills to safely plan and teach a Pregnancy Yoga class, a Post-Natal Yoga class and a Mother and Baby Yoga Class. In either a group setting or one to one to beginners to advanced yoga students.
  • Teach every stage/trimester of a woman’s pregnancy including early pregnancy, preparation for birth, as well as postnatal recovery (fourth trimester).
  • Teach a holistic yoga class that enhances a women’s experience of pregnancy, prepares her for birth and motherhood, whilst honouring this special and sacred time.
  • Integrate yoga props in to lessons, whilst confidently teaching with chair, walls, cushions and balls.  
  • Adapt practices for any pregnant or postnatal women who comes to a general yoga class.
  • Teach inclusive and supportive classes for those with injury or pre/postnatal common ailments, such as back pain, Pelvic girdle pain, high/low blood pressure.
  • Understand the importance of spiritual and philosophical basis of yoga in relation to pregnancy birth and postnatal period, creating a safe sacred space and know how to effectively hold space in all classes, course and one to ones.
  • A knowledge of anatomy and physiology in relation to Pregnancy birth and postnatal, understanding what actually happens, understand how yoga would affect a high or low risk pregnancy.
  • Know how to support women through all pancha kosha (physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, whist also connecting to their inner wisdom)
  • Build on your own authenticity, start teaching with what you know, draw from own experiences to develop your own style, ensures teaching from the heart. 

Course Details

Dates: See flyer below for Pretoria and Cape Town dates.


  • At least 200hr yoga foundation training, or equivalent experience and training or currently training in an approved yoga teacher training programme.
  • Alternatively- a professional qualification in the field of pregnancy, postnatal i.e. midwife, Doula, women’s physiotherapist, etc. along with an established yoga practice.
  • Attendance to all teaching hours and workshop dates.
  • Completion of case studies and background reading and class observations and assessments.  

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