With so many short teacher training courses on the go the Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda decided to offer serious Yoga students the opportunity to study Yoga over a year long period so that they could take the time to deeply work with, process and enquire about the teachings given. This time to assimilate, process and reflect has given our students new perspectives on how to incorporate Yoga meaningfully into their everyday life.

Pramilla, Jennifer, Rene and Nina joined forces in 2014 and with their over 90 years of diverse Yoga knowledge, wisdom and teaching experience they have taken the best of their practices and teachings to compile this in depth, transformative, deeply inquiring and information rich course.

A course that follows the principles of Ayurveda which acknowledges the traits, unique talents and struggles of each individual so that each student is guided in the most meaningful and supportive way for them.

A serious course for serious students taught in a supportive, gentle and motivational way.

Watch the video below and meet the AYA team and see what we got up to at our 2017 Open Day.

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