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Our course starts with Jennifer Stephens teaching Module 1. In this module you will get to explore the fundamentals of Integral Hatha Yoga.

This module will help you get a clearer understanding of how you should practice and teach Integral Hatha Yoga so that you can feel confident in not just your personal practice but when teaching students as well.

We first need to gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies function, what adaptations we need, what adaptations others need before we can confidently start suggesting variations and adaptations to our students.

You will leave this module feeling like you’ve gained a deeper insight into the specific changes and adaptations you need to personally make to your practice to that ensure your body functions more smoothly, safely and in alignment so that you feel inspired and motivated to share this gained knowledge with others.

This is a very hands on and practical module. Each week we will be going through a complete integral hatha yoga class and then analyzing each aspect of the practice, in detailed discussion and in practice, afterwards. This analysis will be done by addressing the specific concerns and queries that arise from the group.

The following will be covered:
• Identify limitations in asana practice
• Improve and support in asana practice
• Establishing pranayama practices
• Introduction to Yoga Nidra
• Medical cautions in asana practice
• Adapting classical postures for special needs
• Motivation for Sadhana (Daily Yoga and Meditation) Practice
• Introduction to Vinyasa Krama (Yoga Sequencing) in Integral Hatha Yoga

This is a great module to start your journey on as you’ll gain deeper insight into your own practice and that of your group. To find out more and to see if you’re the right fit for our group this year, email Nina – You’ll enjoy the chat and the chance to work out if this is the right training for you.

We are honest, open and realistic.

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If the style isn’t right for you, we’ll let you know.

If there is another, better option out there that will suite you better, we’ll let you know.

However, if you are the right fit, we’ll let you know!!! 🙂

One way or the other, chat with us and we can guide you in the right direction.