Yoga Therapy with Jennifer Stephens

Join Jennifer and her lovely group of students via Zoom every week.

You can join Jennifer’s Yoga Therapy class on a Monday or Thursday morning where you’ll enjoy a gentle and therapeutic take on Hatha Yoga. A great class to join if you’re needing variations, adaptations and different ways of operating. Join on a weekly or bi-weekly basis especially if you’re wanting to learn alternative ways to practice (and possibly teach) Yoga.

You can also join Jennifer’s General Yoga Classes on a Wednesday and/or Friday evening. A perfect antidote to a busy day and the ability to ease into a restful evening.

Jennifer began her study of Integral Hatha Yoga at Ananda Kutir and completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course in 1999. She continued her studies to qualify as a Yoga Therapist and Ayurveda Practitioner (Dip) in 2003 under the guidance of Sri Yogeshwari and Swami Parvathiananda. With her beautiful and gentle personality and disposition you’ll definitely feel wondefully supported in all of her classes.

As with many of you, Jennifer was a very busy-body in the corporate world before Yoga took hold of her. She was born in England and moved to Cape Town in 1990.  Her yoga journey began in 1995 at Ananda Kutir Ashram where she found Yoga to be the perfect antidote to corporate life. Using the tools and principles of Yoga and Ayurveda to keep her balanced, sane and productive through all those challenging times.

After teaching group classes for 8 years, in 2007 she ended her corporate career to pursue her life long passion for Yoga. After the arrival of her daughter Amara, she extended her teaching to Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga and Children’s Yoga.  She is well known for her mastery of the principles and techniques in training yoga teachers on the Integral Yoga Teachers Training Course. She also conducts workshops and retreats, along with aiding the recovery and wellbeing of adults and children through Yoga Therapy.

Jennifer with her vast experience, kindness, knowledge and experience has helped so many people with different challenges, like

“I have a frozen shoulder, can I do Yoga?”
“I have pain in my legs at night, can Yoga help?”
“Yoga is only for flexible people, I’m way too stiff for Yoga, don’t you agree?”
“I am extremely stressed at the moment and don’t have time, I’ll join when life settles down.”

Jennifer has had ALL the questions over the years with so many requests for help and she still manages to support and assist everyone on their journey.

If you’re needing support be it in a Yoga Therapy manner, be it with getting back into rhythm and routine with a regular weekly practice signing up for classes with Jennifer is going to be your first port of call.

Classes are on:

  • Monday and Thursdays from 9-10:15
  • Wednesday and Friday from 18:00-19:15
  • Classes are only R100 each

Take time to send Jennifer an email to inquire which class would be best suitable for you, your current needs and your schedule.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat via Zoom!