Grow! It’s time…

Yes, you heard right, if you’re reading this, it means you’re ready to grow. And how can you do that?
Well, we’ll tell you now…

With transformation!

Is transformation easy? Heck no!
Is it fun? Possibly, at times yes, at times nooooo.
Is it essential? Absolutely!!!
Will there be tears shed, most probably, will I laugh, ABSOLUTELY 100% guaranteed!

Why would you want to transform in the first place? Well… transformation means growth, moving from point A to a better and higher point B. Transformation means growth, growing into your next potential, growing to become a better person, growing so that you can assist and help others… It means letting go of the old and stepping into the new improved you. Growth is possible is so many different ways, and we are here to help you on your growth journey with our revised and updated 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Why would you want to do a Teacher Training? Good questions, we thought you’d never ask 🙂
The reasons could be many fold, but here would be the main ones:

  1. To grow and build your own personal Yoga practice. How deep can you actually go?
  2. To explore the concepts of Ayurveda and dinacharya (not sure what that is… not to worry, our next blog post will help you out there… see, maybe this course is exactly what you need now to help you grow and learn!).
  3. Share the benefits of your practice with family and friends. Let the world become a more calm and peaceful place.
  4. Go under a transformational journey (transformation takes time, that is why our Teacher Training Course is over 10 months! Yes, and it is totally worth every minute).
  5. Have committed teachers guiding you on your way (and yes, there will be rocky times, but not to worry, we’re here to support you and cheer you on 100% of the way.)
  6. Have the option to create and build your own Yoga career – if that’s your desire cool, but maybe you just want to bring it into your workplace or work with people you know, awesome as well.
  7. Grow with a group – don’t underestimate the amazing connections you’re going to make with like-minded people on the year long journey. You’ll be making life-time friends.

Take for example the student teachers who decided to join teaching classes at Nina’s studio in Tokai after they qualified and became Yoga Teachers after their AYA course. These teachers, from 2 in 2014 to a group of 8 now, have such a wonderful bond. We go on retreat together, we go to each others classes, we support each other when we go through personal struggles, we are there for the ups and downs of life and we have others to share our weird and wonderful journey with. This could so easily be you! Be prepared to take a leap into transformation with a group and then notice how it moves and guides you to new places you didn’t even know were possible.

Even our own personal studios evolve and transform. It’s not always easy, but it is essential for growth. Essential to allow the community to grow, which in turn is then able to support more of society, more of the community, offering them what they need. Nina’s studio opened in 2004, and was run by her and her mom, but at some point, a decision had to be made to take on new teachers and allow the studio to grow. As with everything, there are teething problems, and the idea of letting go and allowing more people in your sacred space is not easy, but as Nina navigated these emotions and feelings she created space for others to grow as well and this in turn has lead to a co-creative space that so many more Yoga enthusiasts are now able to enjoy. The same has taken place for Rene and her studio, Pramilla and hers and Jennifer moving to her new space… Seeing a pattern? We are all growing, evolving, changing all the time, it is part of life.

So why not join a team that deeply understands this, join us on this Yoga Teacher Training for a year so we can help you navigate the small and big changes necessary to move you to the next brighter and more connected version of you.

At this stage you may have many questions?

  1. Will I have time?
  2. Will I have the funds to do it?
  3. Will I be able to commit for a year?
  4. How will it impact my family?
  5. Am I too old, to unfit, to unhealthy, to …(insert your own word here)

We suggest having a 30 minute conversation with us so that we can hear your issues and so that we can assist you in the best way possible for now. It may mean supporting you with our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course, but it may also be to share with you some of our free resources we have available.

Let’s have a chat, so that we can meet and get to know one another. No obligations, what so ever!

Rabia started teaching at the Tokai studio after she completed her YTT course at the Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda. She has been teaching for nearly 5 years and continues to grow, study and learn on her journey. She has recently completed her pre and post-natal Yoga Teacher Training with Andrea White.

If you have any questions, email Nina:

We look forward meeting you and to guiding you on your transformational journey and adventure.