10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Pre-entry Course.

We’ve had loads of questions regarding our new 200hr Yoga Teaching Training.

Here some answers to those Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long is the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course?
    The course is 1 year – part time. We start in August 2021.with the full course.
    The pre-entry course to the 200hr course is starting in July 2021
  2. What is the pre-entry course?
    The pre-entry course is a 4 week course with Jennifer Stephens on Saturday mornings from 9-12. In these sessions Jennifer will be guiding you through an extended regular Integral Hatha Yoga Class. She will go deeper and explore concepts a little more thoroughly than one would in a regular 75-90minute Yoga session. After the class, certain concepts and adaptations will be explained as well as answering any questions that arise.
  3. Is the pre-entry course part of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training?
    It is not part of the actual 200hr Course. However, it does give a good introduction and deeper appreciation of the practices that will be covered. Consider it like a preparatory sessions before joining the actual classes.
  4. How much is the pre-entry Course?
    It is R2000 for the 4 weeks.
    This fee will be deducted from the Total Course Fee if you decide to continue with the training.
  5. I am interested in the pre-entry Course with Jennifer, but I’m not ready to commit to the full Teacher Training. Could I still join just the 4 week workshop?
    Absolutely, that is not a problem. We have past student teachers who are interested in doing just this part of the course, we have some teachers qualified in other Yoga styles wanting a deeper understanding of Integral Hatha Yoga joining and we have Yoga students who would like to deepen their practice join this course. It is open to everyone wanting to delve a little more deeper into Explorative Yoga.
  6. Do I have to join live?
    You have the option of joining the live class in Tokai which is limited to 6 students. Alternatively you can join the sessions virtually via Zoom or you can receive the recordings after the session.
  7. What is the cost of the recordings?
    The cost remains the same if you are joining live, via Zoom or receive the recordings.
  8. What happens if I enjoy the pre-entry course and would like to join the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training?
    If we feel that you are a good fit for the course we will suggest joining the Teacher Training in August. There is a registration form that will need completing and a virtual on-boarding meeting with Nina as well.
  9. What happens if I decide not to take the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training after the pre-entry course?
    The beauty of the pre-entry course is to discover if the style, manner, time, commitment needed and the way in which we teach suits you. If you find that it is not quite 100% right for you at this point in time then you do not need to commit to the training in August.
  10. If I decide to join the pre-entry course now, but delay the training to 2022 will I need to redo the pre-entry course next year?
    Yes, you will need to redo the pre-entry course as this way we ensure that all participants starting the course are at the same level. However, once you have paid for the course, you will receive the recordings and will be able to do them again next year. This means you will not have to PAY for the pre-entry course again when doing it virtually. Live, in-person spaces will however be granted to new students joining in the given year first.