Tuesday Evening Yoga with Nina Saacks

Join Nina this Tuesday evening for an Integral Hatha Yoga Class.

When we learn we grow… When we grow, we evolve (and hopefully into a nicer person!). Learning is not all about reading information in books or watching YouTube clips, especially when it comes to Yoga. Learning is about getting on your mat and exploring and experiencing how things feel… from the inside.

For someone who lives in her head, and loves facts and figures (okay maybe not really figures), but I do love to know why and how and exactly where I’m meant to be feeling a stretch, what and how a prananyama practice is meant to be benefitting me and all that technical stuff. So getting onto the mat and really experiencing what something feels like for me (and not what the books or the authorities say) is always a mental challenge. It is something I’ve had to practice for years, and have to do on a daily basis as I always lean towards my default mode. So yes, I often do get swept up by the technicalities, but slowly slowly I am learning, to go inwards and just feel.

So I invite you this week to join me on the mat and enjoy a class where we will try to experience the practice, without getting too technical!

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

If you would like to join the AYA Tuesday evening class, then click on the link below to join our private whats app group so that you can receive the link and log in details every Tuesday afternoon.

Payments can be made via eft or paypal into our bank account before or after the class. R100/class .

Class starts at 6pm.

Matilda, my favourite broiler (or as Victoria has re-named her my “ornamental” chicken)!