Exploring Yoga Therapy with Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens is our go-to Yoga Therapist. But what exactly is Yoga Therapy and how is it different from just general Yoga?

We all know that yoga is the practice of balancing the three aspects of our being – body, mind, emotions. When we use our yoga practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation we aim to bring ourselves into balance. Yoga! And it is a lovely feeling to have.

However, when we look at Yoga Therapy we look at the individual, how can we achieve better health and well being for that individual in their current state of health (or lack there of). This means that depending on the persons’ condition or current lifestyle, the practice of Yoga needs to be adapted accordingly. Posture adaptations, pranayama adaptations, mediation adaptations, having a better understanding of the persons mental state as well as their Ayurvedic constitution are just a few of the simple aspects that need to be considered.

In Yoga Therapy these adaptations are vital. And in classes with Jennifer you will slowly pick up some simple variations and or adaptations that you can use personally or could suggest to your students. Even learning just one simple new concept can go a long way in gaining a deeper understanding for your Yoga future.

Join Jennifer this Tuesday evening for an Integral Hatha Yoga class where you will definitely learn at least one new variation of a posture you have come to know (and possibly love).

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

If you would like to join the AYA Tuesday evening class, then click on the link below to join our private whats app group so that you can receive the link and log in details every Tuesday afternoon.

Payments can be made via eft or paypal into our bank account before or after the class. R100/class .

Class starts at 6pm.

Jennifer Stephens