Early Morning Yoga Class with Experience AYA Teacher Victoria Fearon

Meet Victoria Fearon, she was in our first group of teachers training at the Academy in 2015.

The beauty about Victoria is that she is exceptionally talented, hard working and dedicated to Yoga. She is continually studying, teaching and advising. She’s the only person I’ve met to date who decided to join our 300hr Teacher Training Course even though she was an already qualified teacher and had been teaching – this just shows her dedication and love for learning! She just felt there was more to learn and a means to go deeper.

Join her on Thursday mornings where she will take you through a hatha yoga class and give adaptations to classic postures for those who need them. A beautiful session filled with fun, learning and lots of experience!

Classes will begin as soon as we have 4 confirmed participants!

Email Nina to confirm your spot – yoga.ayana@gmail.com